Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The 150th Anniversary of Fort Sumter Sure Had an Impact on Me

OK, I wasn't there (even if some of my students thought I was that old), but I sure do remember living through the Centennial Commemorations and now we have the Sesquicentennial.

It was the Civil War that got me interested in history. That led to my teaching history and social studies for 33 years as well as poor wife Liz getting dragged to just about every battlefield during that time.

I have spent way too much on Civil War books and magazines, but thankfully never got into artifacts which really would have been expensive. Then, there's all that mess and clutter in my study which I blame on the war.

I have belonged to The Civil War Round Table in Chicago and am a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I am regarded as the Civil War Guy when we play NTN, the trivia game. But I must admit that even with my knowledge, I do miss some questions once in awhile.

Even my love of old roads that I currently suffer from is just another alignment of my Civil War interest.

And, then there is that very time-consuming Civil War Blog I've been running for over three years now. http://sawtheelephant.blogspot.com.

Sometimes I Think It Might Have Been Better Had I Not Gotten So Interested in the Civil War. Nah!! --RoadDog

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