Thursday, April 7, 2011

Attention Music Lovers

Nothing like cruising down a road and putting on the radio or stereo and listening to some good stuff. Here's a great opportunity.

Chicago's Drive, WDRV-FM, station is playing the 100 All-Time Greatest Classic Rock Albums as voted by listeners. They started at 7 am this morning and will continue to midnight, then pick it up again for the same hours on Friday and Saturday.

You can hear it streaming at You can also be your own music critic and see what has been played.

Oh, yes, I should mention, all are being played in their LP version, so there will be a few few pops and snaps. The dj picks the side they want to play.

So far:

#100 SCARECROW-- John Mellancamp
#99 THE CAPTAIN AND ME-- Doobie Brothers
#98 TATTOO YOU-- Rolling Stones
#97 THE STRANGER-- Billy Joel

#95 LET IT BE-- Beatles

#93 MOONDANCE-- Van Morrison
#92 ESCAPE-- Journey
#91 SLOWHAND-- Eric Clapton
#90 LED ZEPPELIN 3-- You-Know-Who

Hearing Some REAL Deep Cuts. --RoadDog

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