Friday, April 28, 2017

Reopening of the Mill in Lincoln!!

Saturday, April 29, 2017, will be quite the day in Lincoln, Illinois, as it will mark the opening of the Mill after many years of work and effort by many groups.

I remember seeing it on our first Route 66 trip back in 2002 and being sad that it had fallen upon such hard times.  I mean, it was looking bad.  Then it continued to get worse.

But finally, the city realized what an excellent piece of history they had and it has since been restored and will open as a museum.

Wish we could be there, but we are planning on doing the Red Carpet Corridor weekend May 6-7 and will probably get to Lincoln to check it out on our way to Springfield.

Happy Days Be Here Again.  --RoadMill

Budget Vegas-- Getting That Gambling Bang for Your Buck-- Part 3

7.  Check out museums.  two of note are the Neon Museum and Mob Museum.  At least you're not losing money gambling.

8.  Also, there are a lot of street performers.

9.  Avoid steakhouses and buffet bonanzas.  Go to delis and local restaurants.  And, definitely, positively, In-N-Out Burgers.

10.  Take the bus on Route 109.  It is $2 a ride or $20 for three days.

11.  Get out of town.  Some neat places to visit are the Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  Also Mount Charleston.

Lucky Seven-Eleven.  --RoadDog

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Budget Vegas, Getting the Bang for Your Gambling Buck-- Part 2

3.  Las Vegas Boulevard has the most expensive rooms.  Stay at a non-casino hotel.

4.  Off strip casinos have the best deals.

5.  Experience Fremont Street.  Its rooms, restaurants, gambling tables, etc. are less expensive.

6.  Tickets to the big shows are expensive and often sold out.  However, you can use Tix 4 Tonight booths, which open at 10 a.m., to get better deals.


News From Along Route 66, March 2017: Illinois Travel Ads Feature Route 66 Sites

MARCH 27--  Illinois touts Route 66 to young people in its new "Up for Amazing" TV campaign.  The series aims at Gen X and Millennials and Route 66 sites are prominent in two of the thirty second ads.

These ads are shown in 13 Midwestern markets through July.  The Route 66 shield at the Illinois Route 66 Museum in Pontiac is one of the shots as are quite a few in Chicago.

In case your're wondering, Gen X were born in the mid-60s to early 1980s.  Millennials are born from the 1980s to 2000.

I always get a kick out of that Route 66 shield.  That is sure impressive.

We also need to keep young people interested in the old roads.  I look around at Route 66 gatherings and sure are a lot of us oldsters.

MARCH 30--  Meteor City Trading Post may have a savior.  Michael and Joann Brown, from Indiana plan to restore and reopen it.  It closed in 2012 and was ransacked.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Budget Vegas, Getting the Gambling Bang for Your Buck-- Part 1

From the April 22, 2014, Yahoo! Travel, Compass  "Budget Las Vegas:  How to save on Sin City fun" by Christy Karras.

Las Vegas increasingly caters to the high rollers and rich.  (A big reason why I don't care if I ever go back.)

Her brother oversees hotel casino pools and says you should avoid the pools of ones hosting big, late-night pool parties as chlorine can only do so much.

Here are some tips if you still want to go:

1.  Avoid weekends, big sporting events like the Super Bowl and big conventions.  Crowds and prices of everything go way up.

2.  Gamble early in the morning when table minimums are lower  Most of the upscale casinos now how minimum $25 bets now at other times.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Record Store Day-- Part 2: No Vinyl Frontier, But Barnes & Noble

I decided to stop at the Vinyl Revolution on my way to the McHenry Civil War Round Table discussion group meeting in Crystal Lake and left early.  Unfortunately, the line was already around the corner and the place wasn't yet open.  And, I really hate lines.

I hate lines, so continued on my way to Crystal Lake.  I was running early, so stopped at McDonald's for a breakfast biscuit and then went to the Barnes & Noble bookstore on Northwest Highway (US-14) and bought a Blue  & Gray magazine featuring the Battle of Bentonville and the Russian Navy and World War II magazine featuring the Sullivan Brothers.

One thing that does my heart good is seeing all the vinyl records they now sell.  Sadly, though, they are all in the $20+ range, more than I like to pay.  I went through Barnes & Nobles's sale CDs, but didn't buy any.

Then, it was on to Panera Bread for the discussion group.  Today's topic was April 1865.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Record Store Day, April 22, 2017-- Part 1: McHenry's Vinyl Revolution Record Store

This is a day I look forward to every year as it does my heart good to see there are still a few of us out there who still like our old vinyl albums (although I must admit I like CDs better and play them way more often).  There is just something about flipping through albums and looking for that special treasure.  Who knows if you're going to find it or not?  It's a real treasure hunt.

And, I almost forgot about it until I was listening to Chicago's WXRT, 93.1 FM, and they mentioned it.  Sure glad they did.  I was going through some e-mail alerts for the blogs in preparation for driving to Crystal Lake, Illinois, for the McHenry County Civil War Round Table discussion group meeting about events of April 1865.  WXRT, starting at noon and going to midnight, also played nothing but vinyl albums in honor of the Record Store Day.

That means, I will drive right by my local mom and pop record store, The Vinyl Revolution, in McHenry, Illinois.  I even left early to go to the discussion group, only to find the store not opening until 9 a.m., and the line already stretching along the sidewalk and around the corner.

I decided to stop in on my return.

No Record Store For Me!!!  --RoadDog

Friday, April 21, 2017

News From Along Route 66, March 2017: A New Museum for Pontiac

MARCH 19--  Chuck Berry died in St. Louis at age 90.  A real big reason we still have rock and roll.

MARCH 22--  Ruby Street Bridge in Joliet, Illinois, will be undergoing months of repairs.  It is a classic bridge, built in 1935, rehabilitated in 1972 and 2011.  It is 400 feet long and crosses the Des Plaines River.

A real pretty bridge.

MARCH 24--  Pontiac, Illinois, to get a new museum.  It will be the Basketball Museum of Illinois which has gotten the green light in town and will open late 2017 or 2018.  It will cover all things basketball in the state.  And that will no doubt include Herbron, Illinois, whose small high school shocked everyone back in the early 1950s when they won the state championship.

It will be in a closed K-Mart store and will be operated by the Illinois Basket ball Coaches Association  Plans call for it to be next door to a planned Route 66 Museum of Transportation.

This will bring the total number of museums in Pontiac to seven.

Truly a museum and mural city.


About Goldsboro, N.C.-- Part 2: A Railroad Town and Sherman Target

There is a picture of the Kiwanis Miniature Train that operates Saturdays and Sundays from April to September in Herman Park from 1 to 5 p.m..  Herman Park is across Jackson Street from where my family lived from the 1920s.  I used to ride that train a lot as a kid.

Even though there are no longer passenger train service to Goldsboro, there are still a lot of railroad tracks that have to be crossed, many still used for freight trains.

"Goldsboro's a railroad town, built on the tracks between Wilmington and Raleigh, named after Matthew Goldsborough, a railroad man.  During the Civil War, Sherman had Goldsboro in mind when he burned through the South, hoping to get ahold of bustling tracks,  He did."

People in Goldsboro loved these tracks, but hated them as well.  One April night 91 years ago, a group of unnamed people got fed up with the dirty, noisy trains coming through the center of town, causing fires and sooting up everything and went out in the darkness and pulled the tracks up and stacked them in a neat pile in Center Street.  They even have a DeRailebration Ceremony in honor of it.

The train company sued the city, which just went ahead and paid it.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

About Goldsboro, N.C.-- Part 1: It's a Railroad Thing

From the July 2016 Our State Magazine (North Carolina) by Eleanor Spicer Rice.

"Wherever you go in this Wayne County city, you'll find yourself crossing railroad tracks."

Very true.  of course, a big reason for Goldsboro's existence involved railroads.  It made the city a target for General Sherman's Army during the Civil War when it was also part of the important Wilmington and Weldon Railroad which kept Lee's Army supplied.

Goldsboro is my home city, where I was born back 65 years ago.  So, it is special to me.  My family has lived there since around 1900 and up until the end of last year, were in the same house since the 1920s.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Cruisin' Cassette Tape "20 Great Oldies-- Vol. 12": "Don't Make Me Over"

The number after the artist is the highest the song got on Billboard's Hot 100 and then the year it was out.


1.  DON'T MAKE ME OVER--  Dionne Warwick    #21   1963
2.  WATERMELON MAN--  Mongo Santamaria     #10    1963
3.  IT'S GONNA WORK OUT FINE--   Ike & Tina Turner     #14    1961

4.  EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART--  Gladys Knight & the Pips    #6    1961
6.  SOUL TWIST--  King Curtis     #17    1962
7.  TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT--  Shirelles      #39   1960

8.  FUNNY--  Maxine Brown     #25   1961
9.  MOON RIVER--  Jerry Butler      #11    1961
10.  CRY TO ME--  Betty Harris      #23   1963

Name That Tune (from the above songs:  "Dream-Maker, You Old Heart-Breaker."   Answer Below.  --RoadDog

"Moon River"

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Black Coffee and Cigarettes" Has a Mention of Route 66-- Part 2

"Black Coffee and Cigarettes" by Mighty Mo Rodgers.

I was casually listening to this song on The Surf 94.9 FM out of Myrtle Beach South Carolina when I heard mention of Route 66.  My ears perked up, of course.

Continuing with the song lyrics:

"I took a bus trip back in time

Route 66 when it was the main line

I saw teepees and motels, design like events.

And then I saw that place where we once spent,

But nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

When you took out the good parts and leave the misery.

But, if I had to do it again, you know I'd do it with you,

It was dumb like sin, yeah."

The video on You Tube has pictures of a US-66 shield as well as a Wigwam Motel.

Well Worth Listening To.  --RoadDog

A Cruising Cassette Tape "20 Great Oldies- Vol. 12: "He Will Break Your Heart"

Sure enjoy getting out in the old '85 Firebird and popping a cassette tape into the player and this is one great pre-recorded tape, featuring some songs I know about and others not so well.

The number after the artist is the highest it got on the Billboard Hot 100


1. ANY DAY NOW--  Chuck Jackson   #23  1962
2.  YOU'LL LOSE A GOOD THING--  Barbara Lynn    #8  1962
3.  HE WILL BREAK YOUR HEART--  Jerry Butler    #7   1960

4.  POOR FOOL--  Ike & Tina Turner    #38  1962
5.  MAMA SAID--  Shirelles    #4  1961  
6.  IF YOU NEED ME--  Wilson Pickett    #64   1963
7.  STEAL AWAY--  Jimmy Hughes    #17   1964

8.  ALL IN MY MIND--  Maxine Brown    #19    1960
9.  SNAP YOUR FINGERS--  Joe Henderson      #8    1962
10.  LETTER FULL OF TEARS--  Gladys Knight & the Pips     #19   1962

This is some really fine R&B/Soul Music, even if I do say so.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Met A Little Boy Named Billy Joe And Then I Almost Lost My Mind."  Answer Below.  --RoadDog

"Mama Said"

Monday, April 17, 2017

"Black Coffee and Cigarettes" Song by Mighty Mo Rodgers Mentions Route 66

This song was getting some play on Beach Music stations, especially on the Surf, 94.9 FM WVCO out of North Myrtle Beach, S.C..

I was listening to it when I heard the singer, Mighty Mo Rodgers, mention Route 66.

Here are some of the lyrics:

"I don't drink. I just smoke.  I don't gamble no more.  And I don't use no toke.

All I wanna do is be with you. Smoke some cigarettes and have some java brew.

Make it black and strong, that's what I need.

Cause when I think of love, don't you know what I bleed?

I bleed blues, and rhythm and rock 'n roll

All that funky stuff that shakes up my soul."

As you can guess, this is a blues song and a really good one.  He then goes into what he said about Route 66 and a certain motel we all love.

Give It a Listen on You Tube.

I'll write his account of a trip on 66 in the next post, tomorrow.

Bring On the Coffee and 66.  --RoadDog

Some News From Route 66-- Part 2: Slow Drags on the Route, "More Corporate Blandness, Less Mom and Pop Character"

**  The Slow Drags are a 6-piece alternative country band from Portland, Oregon, and are traveling the western United States, much of it on good old Route 66.

On May 10th, they stayed at "this cool old motor court last night called the Apache Motel" in Prescott, Arizona.  "It will soon go the way of the Do-Do bird as it is being sold and then torn down.  It's the wave of the future, more corporate blandness, less mom and pop character."

They essentially traveled Route 66 from California through to Arizona.  "We got to see some of the old billboards, hotels, gas stations and shops in Williams and Flagstaff.  It's pretty amazing to think of all the people that have traversed the route over the years, especially during the dust bowl.:"

Welcome to the Road.  --RoadDog

Some News From Route 66-- Part 1: Sprague Super Service and Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum

I found these items in some old notes.  Not sure what year they are from, though.

**  May 6:  WJBC AM, Voice of McLean County says the Sprague Super Service station has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

**  May 9:  The Pontiac Daily Leader says the elevator work will begin at the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum and the Pontiac War Museum.  The west entrance will be the main entrance for the next three weeks.

Pontiac, Museum City Now.  --RoadDog

Friday, April 14, 2017

Looking Back to 1942: Thank Goodness Sycamore's State Street Is So Wide

From the January 25, 2017, MidWeek "Looking Back."

1942, 75 Years Ago.

"Citizens of Sycamore driving automobiles and the merchants as well as the city officials are thankful at this time that state Street is wider than the average smaller city thoroughfare.

"Because of the heavy snow, and the impossibility of the department of public works to remove it as rapidly as it falls, there is considerable piles on the sides of the road."

Must have Been a Lot of Snow.  --RoadDog

Route 1 Really is a Super Highway-- Part 3: Road of Many Names in Buck County

Route 1 is rarely called Route 1.

In Middleton, it is the Lincoln Highway.

In Bensalem it is Roosevelt Boulevard.

In Pennsylvania, it is County Line Road, Township Line Road, State Road, the Media Bypass, Baltimore Pike and Kenneth Oxford Bypass.

In New Rochelle, New York, it is Main Street.

Along the east coast, it is called Caribou Road, Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway, Biscayne Boulevard, Augusta Highway, Broadway, Dixie Freeway, Atlantic Highway and Boston Post Road.

Name Me a Name.  --RoadDog

Thursday, April 13, 2017

About Last Weekend: Steak 'N Shake and Bands

Just hanging around town as it were.

APRIL 7, FRIDAY--  Went to Crystal Lake and had breakfast at Steak 'N Shake in McHenry. Did some shopping and went to the Legion in Fox Lake.

APRIL 8, SATURDAY--  Breakfast buffet at St. John the Baptist in Johnsburg and presentation on Charles Lindbergh at the McHenry Area Historical Society meeting at the McHenry Savings Bank.  Shopping afterwards and yardwork and sure enjoyed the 70 degrees temperature.

Went to Sunnyside and saw several sports games on TV and watched the Central Stone Rollers band for a set.

APRIL 9, SUNDAY--  Did my usual radio shows and then yardwork, Steak 'N Shake for lunch and Jim Sieg's jam session at Sunnyside.

Plenty   to Do Around Here.  --RoadDog

N.C. January 2017-- Part 8: Radioing My Way Through N. Carolina

Continued friom March 17.  Perhaps I will get there at some time.

January 13, 2017, Friday.

I am driving through the western part of N.C., now, listening to the Classic Country station, windows down and enjoying 77 degree temperatures..

This is my fifth drive to and from North Carolina since May because of my mother's death, so I am getting quite used to the drive.  As I get east of Greensboro, I lose WBRF and switch to 850 AM out of Raleigh, which plays a mix of oldies like our MeTV Radio back in the Chicago area.

I was to meet my nephew Andy's plane from Nashville at RDU and then drive him to Topsail Beach  We drove I-40 to US-17 outside of Wilmington and took it most of the way to the beach.  We got to Hamstead at 4:40 p.m. and the traffic going both ways was almost Raleigh Rush Hour bad.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

News From Along Route 66, March 2017: A "Sirip" Shortage and The Mill

MARCH 12--  Warmer weather decreases sap harvest at Funks Grove Maple Sirip.  Oh NO!!  No Sirup for me!!!  How will I eat my flapjacks?

MARCH 14--  The 66 Drive-In movie theater in Carthage, Missouri, has had a change of owners.  As long as it stays open that's ok with me.

MARCH 15--  New fundraiser launched for The Mill in Lincoln, Illinois.  It is slated to reopen as a museum on April 29.  The new fundraiser is through Crowdrise Funraise.  They hope to get between $3500 and $5,000.

Still Thinking of Going There.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Route 1 Really Is a Super Highway-- Part 2

US Highway 1 was originally known as the Atlantic Highway and started out as a rough wagon road.  US-1 was created piecemeal from existing roads, much the same as all early numbered U.S. highways.

There is a 40-foot wide stretch of the road built in the mid-1800s between Buberry and Neshaming creeks.  Parts of it is known as the Byberry Pike, Benesalem Pike and Lincoln Highway.  It became a limited access highway in 1921, lengthened in 1932 and rebuilt in 1971.


Route 1 Is Really a Super Highway-- Part 1

From the Buck's County Courier Times by Brian Scheid.

Us Route 1 is very congested in Bucks County (near Philadelphia).  You can go from Canada to Key West, Florida, on this road.

The original path of US-1 in Bucks County can be traced all the way back to 1793

The northern part of it goes through New York City with a population of 8.2 million to Littleton, Maine, with a population of 971.

It hugs the east coast and passes through nearly every major coastal city.  It has twists and turns and sometimes is just a two-lane highway and at others a four lane expressway.

Bucks County has 14 miles of US-1/


Monday, April 10, 2017

News From Along Route 66, March 2017: Route 66 Thief and Radiator Springs

MARCH 10--  Woman stole $313,000 in Petrified Forest National Park entrance fees.  She will serve one year and repay the money.  She did this between 2010 and 2016 when she was responsible for accounting the entrance fees.  Like I'm sure she'll pay the money back.

MARCH 11--  Radiator Springs cast will make an appearance in "Cars 3."  Hope it's not just a brief one.  I liked those townie cars.  The more Radiator, the better, I always say.

The Route 66 News site also has a link to the movie characters and places real life and people that were their basis.


News From Along Route 66, March 2017: Illinois Route 66 Goes Big in England

MARCH 8--  Exporting the buzz of Route 66 to England, the Outside Collective Group has made a big Route 66 mural in the side of The Hat and Feathers Pub on the corner of Clerkenwell and Goswell roads in London.  The mural measures in at 52-feet high.

Route 66 places featured on it are Illinois' Paul Bunyan statue in Atlanta,  a gas pump from the Soulsby gas station in Mt. Olive, the Brooks Catsup bottle in Collinsville, the Cozy Dog Drive-In mascot in Springfield, the Chicago Theatre marque in Chicago and an Illinois Route 66 shield.

Impressed Me.  --RoadDog

Friday, April 7, 2017

About Last Weekend: B-Ball, Beer and Bands

MARCH 31ST:  We went to Riverside Pub on the Fox River at Burton's Bridge (Ill-176) for lunch and then found four other places too crowded to go to and ended up at Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg.

APRIL 1ST:  Actually got some yardwork done before going to the Fox Lake American Legion where we saw the duo Honeymooners from 3 to 6 p.m..  Where else ya gonna get entertainment on a Saturday afternoon on April Fool's Day?

Sunnyside Tavern was a madhouse and we ended up at half-Times where we watched Gonzaga win in their Final Four game.  Came home and watched Carolina win a close one in Margaritaville while listening to the Ultimate Jukebox.  The two Final Four contests today were some great games.

APRIL 2ND:  Listened to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots on WDRV.  he played "Look Through Any Window" by the Hollies.  This was either the first or second 45 I ever bought.  The other one was "Any Way You Want It" by the Dave Clark Five.  Those two songs sure bring back lots of memories.

We then went to Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg where we saw the Blackhawks lose and then, at 4, Stevie G put on a solo performance of mellow rock.

Good Times All the Time Around Here.  --RoadDog

PCB 2017: Finally Arrive Home: Eagle Nest, Gas Gouge, Getting Colder

MARCH 2, 2017

From Terre Haute to I-74, we get on Indiana Highway 63, which is four land the whole way.  We got gas at the Pilot Station on Indiana 63 and I-74 exit.for $2.20.  Took the usual I-74 west past Champaign-Urbana to Illinois Highway 47 at Mahomet and then north to Woodstock.

We noticed that gas prices had also increased in Illinois from two weeks ago.  Must be the pre-summer driving season gas gouge that Big Oil and the GRBs like to do on an annual basis.

I have always wanted to get something to eat at the Eagle Nest Restaurant in Forrest, Illinois, and this was the time to do it.  The food was good and reasonable.  I always like to eat at places I drive by so often and this is one of them.

The rest of the trip home, the temperature on the odometer continued to drop until it got to 32 degrees and we began seeing traces of snow.  This is a big drop from yesterday's travel where the temperatures were as high as 78 degrees.

We got home after having driven 2,178 miles.

Love To Travel, But Just As Good To get Home.  --RoadDog

Looking Back to 1917: Not Enough Dodge Cars

From the January 25, 2017, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois)  "Looking Back."

1917, 100 Years Ago.

"A representative of the Williamson Motor Company who deals in Dodge automobiles was here yesterday and says that the motor car dealers and makers are feeling the car shortage as badly as any other interest.

"The production of the factories is so large and the demand for the machines so great, while facilities for moving the machines in freight cars are so small that the flow of cars from factory to consumer is badly choked."

The growing popularity of the automobile.

The Problem Is Not the Factories, It is Getting the Cars to the Customers.  --RoadDog

Thursday, April 6, 2017

PCB 2017: Through Indiana

We crossed the Ohio River at Henderson and now ere in Evansville, a city that sure has a lot of stoplights on its stretch of US-41.  And they continue way north to the I-64 interchange.  This is a town (along with Terre Haute) which could really use a bypass.  But, one of these days I would like to spend some time looking at things around town.

But, once through the Evansville area, it is clear cruising, other than an occasional stoplight the whole way (except, of course, Terre Haute) until we got off at I-74.  I had hoped to get gas in Terre Haute, home of Indiana State University, but it was $2.34 to $2.36, a bit higher than what we had been paying.  We were getting mighty low on gas by the time we got to I-74.


News From Along Route 66, March 2017: Westport Lodge reopens As Enlight Inn in Joplin

MARCH 5--  Westport Lodge in Joplin, Missouri is to hold a grand reopening on March 6th.  .  It is now the Enlight Inn, a wellness center, motel and cafe.

The Westport Lodge was built in 1947 and located at North Main and Fountain Street.

It is the last motor court in Joplin.

Always glad to see a neat old place repurposed as opposed to being torn down.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

News From Along Route 66, March 2017: The Holbrook, Arizona, Wigwam Motel

These news items are taken from the Route 66 News site, which goes into much more extensive detail.  I just write about the ones of special interest to me.

MARCH 4--  There was deep background on the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona.

**  Closed for almost seven years  (1980-1987)

**  Had problems getting people to stay in it when it opened in 1950 because of competition from the many other motel;s and hotels in Holbrook.

But I doubt any of them could be more unique.

We were disappointed that we arrived in Holbrook way too early to stay there during our 2006 drive across all of Route 66.  The same thing happened to us at the one in California.


News From Along Route 66, March 2017: Section of 66 Closed in the Mojave Desert

MARCH 2--   A section of Route 66 in the Mojave Desert just east of Amboy will be closed until until mid-September for bridge construction.

Two new bridges are to be built as well as road improvement.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Looking Back to 1942: Increased Bus Service Because of the War

From the January 11, 2017, MidWeek "looking Back."

1942, 75 Years Ago.

"The Charter Coach Company today was issued a temporary certificate by the Illinois Commerce Commission to operate motor bus service until May 20, 1942, between DeKalb, Sycamore, Genoa, Marengo, Woodstock, McHenry, Volo, Round Lake,  Grays Lake and Waukegan."

Bus service will become even more important because of wartime shortages and gasoline rationing.

These towns were in DeKalb, McHenry and Lake counties in northeastern Illinois.


Looking Back to 1942: Route 64 To Be Widened

From the January 11, 2017. MidWeek "Looking Back."

1942, 75 Years Ago.

"Sycamore highway enthusiasts are in an optimistic mood today.  They think it is highly possible that Route 64 might be widened from Chicago to the Mississippi as a war measure."

Moving Troops and Supplies.  --RoadDog

Monday, April 3, 2017

Gasoline Goodies: Downtown Pilot Mountain, N.C.

From the October 2015 Our State Magazine by Susan Stafford.

A 6,400 square foot museum in downtown Pilot Mountain, North Carolina features one man's passion for everything petroleum.

Pilot Mountain is just south of Mt. Airy, N.C., which served as the basis for Andy Griffith's Mayberry.  They would often go over to Mount Pilot on the show.  Pilot Mountain is named for a very interesting mountain as well.

Some really great photos accompany the article as well.

This is the collection of Thornton Beroth, whose father was the Amoco distributor in nearby Winston-Salem. and also had the Amoco-branded Four brothers Food Stores.

The Pilot collection is one of te largest if not THE largest petroleum collections in the country.

Maybe If You Go You Might See Good Ol' Barn and Andy Come Over From Mayberry.  --RoadDog

Looking Back to 1917: Save Your Nickels, Buy a Car

From the January 11, 2017, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois)  "Looking Back."

1917, 100 Years Ago.

"Gus Kirchner, proprietor of Kirchener's Drug Store buys a Ford with 7,230 Buffalo nickels.   January 1, 1916, Mr. Kirchener started saving Buffalo nickels.  Every Buffalo nickel that was presented at the store was saved.  In one year's time he collected 7,568.  With 7,230 he bought a Ford roadster.

This car will be used for delivery purposes."


Saturday, April 1, 2017

I'd Go Out On My Harley...But

From the February 8, 2017, Pickles comic strip.

1.  Earl is sitting on a park bench with his friend and says:  "Today's the kind of day when I feel like just hopping on my Harley and take off."

2.  Then he continues:  "If my wife would let me."

3.  "And I had a Harley."

4.  "And my hemorrhoids weren't killing me."

Not me.  I'm going out on my Harlet right now.  April You-Know-What.

Well, With Me, As Much As I'd Love to Go Out On a Motorcycle, I'm Too Scared of Them to Do It.  --RoadDog

PCB 2017: It's All About the Bradford Pear Trees Blooming

The Pennyrile Parkway is limited access the whole way through the state and an easy ride.  I am still amazed that it was built as a tollway, with the promise that once it was paid off, the tolls would be dropped.  And, they REALLY did!!

The Bradford pear trees were blooming all along the road, and especially in and around Madisonville.  This town could be named the Bradford Pear Capital of the United States.  There are no prettier blooming trees anywhere, even the cherry trees.  There is a Bradford Pear Lane in the city.  I don't know if the numbers of these trees in this town were accidental or if they were planted on purpose.  Either way, it is a striking view.

If I lived there I'd push for a Bradford Pear Festival this time of the year.

Bradford pear trees are among my favorite.  Those gorgeous blooms in the spring and then they are generally the very last trees to lose their leaves in the fall and turn that beautiful russet red color.

Once you get to Henderson, Kentucky, at the northern end of the Pennyrile Parkway, you lose the limited access and hit some stoplights in a commercial district before crossing the Ohio River into Evansville, Indiana.

Bradford Pear Tree Capital of the United States  --RoadDog

Looking Back to 1966: Illinois Highway 23 Completed Between Sycamore and Genoa

From the December 28, 2016, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois) "Looking Back."

1966, 50 Years Ago.

"After months of detour problems Route 23 between Sycamore and Genoa was opened for traffic this morning.  Grades have been lowered, the highway shoulders are broad and curves are gentler.

"Just south of Genoa where the highway crossed the Illinois Central tracks a newer and wider viaduct has been constructed."

This is a part of Illinois Highway 23 which i have written a lot about with its stretch between Sycamore and DeKalb being turned into a super four lane highway in 1941 (including the last post).  This is the route we now use to get from home to DeKalb for NIU activities so as to avoid the Huntley Horror.