Thursday, April 7, 2011

$3.99!! A gallon!!! Thanks Guys!!!

On the way back from Wisconsin just a few minutes ago, we passed the Citgo gas station at Wilmot Road and Il-173 south of the Wisconsin-Illinois line and the gas was $3.98.9 (which is really $3.99 but most people call it $3.98).

Come on guys!! Let's hurry up and get over that $4 plateau. You've been planning this since last summer and really were fortunate the Japan and Middle East situations took place to give you a "reason" to do it.

It is too bad there is no way to know who the speculators are who are pushing up the price. I would have to think it is those who have the most to benefit from it. I can't wait until Big Oil has to post their profits, which are going to be huge and prove their complicity.

Then, there are the Middle East countries who are making money like never before. And, I wouldn't be surprised if terrorists weren't involved.

Sadly, some of the speculators may be American and are really being treasonous. They are hurting their country and fellow countrymen.

Several of my trips have already been cancelled because of this and probably more will be.

Kind of Hard to Figure Out How They Can Live With Themselves. --RoadDog

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