Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard: Cape Coral, Florida-- Part 7


Besides all the For Sale signs, we saw some advertising as well. One had foreclosure listings for $2. Another said "$1 Moves You In." Then, there was Show-Me Foreclosures.

We learned that Shadow Inventory were homes the banks had, but weren't being offered for sale in an attempt to prop up the housing market.

There were also free foreclosure lists offered at one builder's model.


We drove out to Matalacha again. What I really like about this place is all the small, colorful buildings, many of which resemble little more than shacks. Most are painted in vivid colors. This must be what Old Florida looked like before it became Orlandized and South Beached.


We returned when the real estate agent for Canadian Al called to set up an appointment for later in the afternoon.

Frank was hungry again so we went over to a little place called Jimbo's a couple blocks from the motel. Last year, Frank had accidentally run into friend Kora at this place. We had some mighty fine burgers while sitting out on a screened-in deck overlooking one of the many, many channels in Cape Coral.

Sun and Warm is Better Than Snow and Cold. --RoadDog

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