Friday, April 8, 2011

Civil War Highways "Up" in My Neck of the Woods

Withe the 150th (Sesquicentennial) anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War fast approaching, this coming Tuesday, April 12th, I thought it appropriate to list some of the roads near me with a connection to the war.

The closest is about a quarter mile away. US-12 is called the Iron Brigade Highway, named after that celebrated fighting unit in the Union Army.

Next closest is US-20, the U.S. Grant Memorial Highway down by Stark's Corner. This road goes by Galena, where the future general and president was living when the war began.

Then, there's the Father Road (if 66 is the Mother Road), the Lincoln Highway (which is US-30, Il-31, Il-38 and Il-2 in the state). The part nearest is Kesslinger Road just south of Elburn. There are a lot of roads because the Lincoln was significantlt rerouted when it became US-30.

When I get to Morris, Illinois, I can pick up US-6, which id the Grand Army of the Republic Road, named after the organization of Union Army veterans formed after the war.

So, That is Quite a Few Civil War Roads here in Illinois. --RoadDog

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