Thursday, January 2, 2014

This Is the Grandfather of All My Blogs, Happy 8th Year

This blog is now enetering its 8th year, having started in 2007. This is the 3035th post. If the Rose Bowl is the "Grandfather of All Bowls" this is "The Grandfather Of All My Blogs." //// I had wanted to start a blog for several years, but didn't because of technology fears. However, on my way back from North Carolina, I stopped to visit my nephew Andy and niece Andrea and their kids in Tennessee in 2007 and Andrea was nice enough to get me started. And, here I am. //// This blog started because of my love of those old roads that started after we discivered Route 66 and then expanded to the Lincoln Highway and National Road. //// Originally this was to be the only blog (and I kind of wish it was) but when I got back home, I couldn't get this blog up on the old 'puter and while trying, ended up with a blog on my own which I named Down Da Road I Go and decided it was going to be about other things of interest to me and my life. //// So, Here We Are, Seven Blogs Later --RoadDog

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