Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lake Geneva 2014 Winter Fest-- Part 1: Jan. 29-Feb. 8

From the US National Snow Sculpting Competition pamphlet, //// We're fast approaching a fun time here in the Midwest with the annual festival in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. In some years in the past, we had problems with warm winter weather, but I doubt that will be a problem this year. Unfortunately, the main part of this ten-day event is that it also falls on the same weekend as the nearby Groundhog Day Festival in Woodstock, Illinois (where the movie was filmed). //// This coming Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 27-28, the 9-foot snow blocks will be built in Riviera Park and then Wednesday, teams begin sculpting until Saturday, Feb. 1st. Saturday is the big day. //// --One Time I Like the Snow. --RoadDog

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