Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Before You Fly" Ten Things Airlines Won't Tell You

From the Dec. 16, 2013, Yahoo! Finance, Market Watch by Anna Marie Andriotis. //// 1. We're JACKING up ticket prices. //// 2. We sold your SEAT twice. //// 3. Don't count on us to get you there on TIME. //// 4. We'll make you pay to check in your LUGGAGE-- and may lose it too. 5. CARRY-ONS may not be free for much longer. //// 6.. AIR REWARDS programs aren't so rewarding anymore. //// 7. We're devalung your MILES. //// 8. It costs us nothing, but you will have to PAY EXTRA for a good seat. //// 9. FUEL COSTS aren't just our problem. //// 10. Our MERGERS are hurting your wallet. //// And, Let Me Add, You Have to Be On Time, But We Don't Have To Be On Time. --RoadDog

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