Monday, January 6, 2014

Worth Your Whirl: Ten Great Carousels-- Part 2

3. CEDAR DOWNS RACING DERBY-- SANDUSKY, OHIO: A 1922 carousel that can reach speeds of 15 mph and rare sliding operation in which horses move forward and backward giving a race sensation. The only other one is in Rye, NY. Giddy-up, Go. //// 4. CRESCENT PARK CAROUSEL-- EAST PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND: Opened in 1895 with 66-figures and was said to offer the "Total Carousel Experience" with music, beveled mirrors and glass jewels. Rhode Island declared it a State Symbol of Folk Art in 1985 and it is on the NRHP. Ferrari says it is one of the oldest he knows of. //// I Might Have to Go On #3. --RoadDog

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