Monday, December 30, 2013

NC Bound T-Giving 2013-- Part 7

NOVEMBER 22ND, 2013: One report after another this morning about this being the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. And, a big reason I am here near Dayton as I hope to go on board JFK's Air Force One at the Mational Museum of the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB, northeast of the city. //// But, with the rain coming down hard and what I expect to be big crowds doing exactly what I'm doing, it might not happen. I expected the plane to be outside. //// Had my hot breakfast (and a good one at Best Western Plus hotels). //// Rain had the visibility way down as I drove from Exit 29 to Exit 44, then there was another 15 mile drive south to get to the base where I promptly lost the signage and got into a long line of cars. A much longer drive than I had expected. They had armed guards checking ID's. That is when I realized I had accidentally gotten into the line going into the base itself. The museum is adjacent to the base. This must have been just before the next shift reported to work. //// The guard was polite, but I wasn't going any farther. He didn't know exactly how I could get to the museum and called another guard over who directed me. Made a turn-around and continued for what seemed to be another long drive to the museum with the steady rain making it difficult to see signage. //// I Don't Want to Think What Kind of Names I Must Have Been Called While Making My Back-Up at the Air Base Gates. --RoadDog

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