Thursday, January 23, 2014

Eight Best Florida Beaches

From the May 3, 2013, Smarter Travel by Patricia Magona. //// I sure would like to have this job checking out beaches. And, with the high today for Northeast Illinois predicted to be 2 degrees, perhaps I should be seriously thinking about some beach time myself, even if temps in the panhandle of Florida are only 40 degrees warmer. Forty degrees would seem like a major heatwave right now. //// 1. LIGHTHOUSE BEACH, Sanibel Island, a shell-collectors' paradise. //// 2. FORT ZACHARY TAYLOR BEACH, Key West, western-most points of the Keys //// 3. FT. MYERS BEACH, "unpretentious, laid-back attitude" //// 4. PENSACOLA BEACH //// 5. SOUTH BEACH, Miami. Home of the Beautiful People if that's your thing. //// 6. FORT DE SOTO STATE PARK, Petersburg //// 7. PALM BEACH //// 8. SIESTA BEACH, Sarasota. //// When the Going Gets Too Cold, the Wimps (Like Me) Go to a Warm Beach. --RoadDog

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