Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Missouri's Nostalgiaville U.S.A.

From the Dec. 15, 2013, St. Louis Post-Dispatch "Nostalgiaville USA soon to be just a fond memory" by Kavita Kumar. //// Back in December, it was 70% off everything at the great place Judi and Ron Dunwoody opened 18 years ago. They are retiring because of age, not for lack of business (although the poor economy didn't help), at ages 65 and 66 because it has just gotten to be too much. //// The exit off I-70 at Exit 148, Kingdom City west of St. Louis. As in classic signage, you can see ads for the place quite often as you drive west from St. Louis. It is what I call a "classic tourist trap" and a place I had best stay out of, but never did and it cost me a minimum of $50 to go in. //// The store's last day was to be Monday or Tuesday. //// They featured all the neat old nostalgua stuff like Betty Boop, Wizard of Oz and Route 66. If I recall, however, there is another tourist trap at that exit on the other side of I-70, so you can still get trapped. //// I'll Miss It. --RoadDog

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