Monday, January 6, 2014

Worth Your Whirl: Ten Great Carousels-- Part 3

5. OAK PARK AMUSEMENT PARK CAROUSEL-- PORTLAND, OREGON: German and Italian woodworkers hand-carved the animals on the century-old ride next to the Willamette River. The park also has a beloved roller rink. The carousel is on the NRHP and was refurbished a few years ago. //// 6. THE 1902 HERSCHELL-SPILLMAN CAROUSEL-- OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND: The boardwalk merry-go-round at Trimper's Rides & Amusements is over a hundred years ago and one of te nation's oldest still operating in its original location, but now it runs on electricity instead of steam power. Ferrari says running one of these is a labor of love as they have to be taken apart every winter to make sure everything is safe. //// For Some Reason, I Now Have a Hankering to Go On One. Thanks a Lot, Ferrari! --RoadDog

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