Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Santa Doesn't Live Here Anymore

From the Dec. 15, 2013, Yahoo! News, Solent News "Abandoned Santa Claus Land" by James Cheadle. All that's left of the Arizona theme park that was once planned to rival Disneyland are ruins and barbed wire. //// The project was begun in 1938 and developed by Nina Talbot near Route 66 and was a big success at first. You could meet Santa, tour workshops and get close to Rudolph on the reindeer Ride. //// The park's Christmas Tree Inn featured a traditional Christmas dinner feast served every day. //// Comments to the article included one person saying it never was much, just converted gas stations between Kingman and Vegas. Another said that the original owners were Doc and Erma and that it was on US-93 to Vegas. //// --RoadDog

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