Friday, January 17, 2014

America's Best Burger Cities-- Part 2

5. AUSTIN-- Hut's Hamburgers started as a drive-in in 1939 features grass-fed longhorn and buffalo burgers. // Ranch 616 features live country music weekly and the Framed Burger stuffed with something different every day like cremeni mushrooms or jalapenos. //// 6. CHICAGO-- Duchamp-- 8 ounce ground chuck burgers with rich trimmings from a local meatpacker on a cottage-cheese-and-dill roll. // Billy Goat Tavern of the classic SNL skit $2.85 for a cheeseburger, no fries, just cheeps. Now at several locations. //// 7.NASHVILLE-- Burger Up-- ingredients from Tennessee farms and you can also put your Jack Daniels ketchup on it. //// Really, Occifer, I Just Had Four Lil' Spurts. --RoadDog

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