Friday, January 17, 2014

America's Best Burger Cities-- Part 3

8. MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL-- Juicy Lucy-- Burger with cheese melted inside the patty. (I'd go here just for the name.) Also, Matt's Bar and 5-8. //// 9. NEW YORK CITY-- Four Seasons features a 10-ounceNunan Randi Burger for $30. (Is tthis where the Four Seasons got their start? Music and an expensive burger.) Also, Danny Meyer's Shake Shack. //// 10. SAVANNAH-- B&D Burger-- Fresh Angus and home-baked beans. 33 different burgers. One of these is the Tattnall (named after the commander of the Confederate Navy Squadron at Savannah during the Civil War?) which has cheddar, pineapple, terriyaki sauce and onion rings on top. //// Oh Boy To That. --RoadDog

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