Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NC Bound T-Giving 2013-- Part 9: Get Me to the Bus On Time

Both in the theater and on the way over, we were reminded the importance of not staying too long at the Presidential Hangar, which also includes Research and Development aircraft. //// The volunteer who took us said they were expecting a whole lot of people today because of the Kennedy Assassination anniversary and they had to keep the crowd flowing. He gave information on the way over and I really enjoyed him telling about the visitor who kept asking about where the shuttle was. For some reason, NASA did not give one of the retired space shuttles to this museum which would have been a great placement. Of course, the tour director thought the visitor was talking about a space shuttle and kept telling him they didn't have it. The visitor was getting quite agitated, but kept asking. He finally changed his question to "Where's the bus?" Problem solved. //// Shuttle, What Shuttle? --RoadDog

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