Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Worth Your Whirl: Ten Great Carousels-- Part 5

9. THE FOREST PARK CAROUSEL-- QUEENS, NEW YORK: Features the carved horses of German immigrant Daniel Muller, known for his extremely intricate work in the early 20th century and is considered a master of his craft. The ride includes horses along with a deer, lion and tiger arranged in three concentric circles. //// 10. RIVERVIEW CAROUSEL, SIX FLAGS OVER GEORGIA-- AUSTELL, GEORGIA: Every large chain theme park recognizes the need for a carousel. Said ferrari, "It works in any environment." This one dates to 1908 and once stood in Chicago's famous Riverview Park. It features five rows of horses and chariots. I'm sure glad that part of Riverview, at least, was saved. //// I'd also like to add the carousel at Chicagoland's Great America theme park, the one at the House On the Rock in Wisconsin and there is a very imprtessive one on the Lincoln Highway in Ohio (but I don't remember the name of the town). //// You Got Me Going in Circles. --RoadDog

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