Thursday, January 16, 2014

Going On JFK's Air Force One 50 Years Later-- Part 11

I really liked the prototype of the stealth bomber in the R&D hangar. //// Like the your guide said on the way over, be extremely careful and aware of where you walk. There are plenty of uneven places on the hangar floor, plus metal strips for opening and closing the doors. But you have to be even more aware of the many props and wings that you might painfully walk into if you're not paying attention..and, there is a lot to pay attention to in there (both the R&D hangar and presidential plane one). //// Over at the Presidential side, we saw the outside of JFK's plane, which was not used just that day, but by every president until Clinton. //// I went through JFK's plane twice, first filming with the camcorder and the second time with the camera. Like with Truman's plane, there is a solid wall of plexiglass and the walkways are quite narrow. It was really hard to get a good shot as such and there was plenty of reflection. The shots did not come out very well, sadly. //// But, here we were at a real piece of history. We saw the room where LBJ was sworn in with Jackie Kennedy standing beside him with blood still on her outfit and looking like she was in shock. At the back of the plane, we saw where seats were cut out to carry JFK's coffin. It wouldn't be quite right to carry the president's body back in the cargo bay. //// One person in the plane when we were was an expert on the assassination and said that when we were on the plane, that exactly fifty years earlier, Kennedy had been on it flying from Ft. Worth to Dallas before that fateful motorcade. //// That's Some Real History There. --RoadDog

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