Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The First Dairy Queen in Joliet on Route 66-- Part 1

From the May 20, 2011 Trib Local "Dairy Queen officials visit site of original franchise" by Mary Owen. Accompanied by a photo of the original store which opened in 1940 at 501 N. Chicago Street in Joliet, Illinois. //// More thn 20 Dairy Queen officials including the company's president and the granddaughter of the man who started the first franchise were in Joliet on Friday. //// In November, the Joliet City Council granted landmark status to the non-descript white washed building which originally sold cones for 5 cents. Today, it is used as a church. //// Free Dilly Bars were given out at the Joliet Area Historical Museum (a great museum which has a lot about Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway, both of which go through the city). About 110 attended a short program and a historical plaque was presented. //// Something Worth Turning Into a Company Museum, Right DQ? --RoadDog

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