Saturday, January 25, 2014

Secret Menu Items At Your Favorite Fast Food Places

From Jan. 15, 2014, Yahoo! Food "Secret Menu Items Actually Work" by Julia Bainbridge. //// Apparently, you might have to order these items on the internet, but I'm willing to try it at the counter. //// CHICK-FIL-A Fried Club. You can order "fried club" and get fried chicken instead of the usual grilled chicken. //// IN-N-OUT Fries Well-Done. Order your fries well-done and "they'll come four seconds shy of burnt--in a good way. Think of fry-shaped potato chips." Of course, you can still order your burger "animal-style." //// SONIC'S Frito Pie. You can order it at places in the South. //// TACO BELL Lava. Call "Lava Anything" and they will add their signature spicy, cheesy Lava Sauce to any item on the menu. //// Getting Hungry. --RoadDog

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