Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Worth Your Whirl: Ten Great Carousels-- Part 4

7. TOM MANKIEWICZ CONSERVATION CAROUSEL-- LOS ANGELES ZOO: Classic carousel but just two-years old and consists of endangered animals including pandas, honeybees and gorillas. The soundtrack as it goes around features music of Janet Jackson, Ploce, Carpenters and others who recorded for California's A&M Records(one of the ride's major sponsors was Jerry Moss (the "M" in the company). //// 8. A CAROUSEL FOR MISSOULA, MONTANA: Local cabinet-maker Chuck Kaparich inspired the town to restore this antique carousel and more than 100,000 volunteer hours were put in to carve and piece together some 16,000 parts. //// Round and Round We Go. --RoadDog

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