Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That's Right, It's Groundhog Day...Again-- Part 2: Hoping for Clouds

What is really neat about this Groundhog Day is that the actual prognostication takes place on Sunday during the festival in Woodstock, Illinois. I understand now that Danny Rubin, one of the script writers of the movie, will introduce the movie when the local theater has the free showing on Saturday (and possibly Sunday, but the announcement wasn't too clear on Sunday). //// But, anyway, the BIG DAY of the festival is Monday. The last time I was in the Woodstok Square, the store that served as the Tip Top Cafe in the movie (and which had the infamous street puddle by it) was open again and serving food. That could be a stop at some point (maybe breakfast if they're serving it). It has since had several different restaurants that were unsuccessful. I'd sure like to see someone get the rights to make it the Tip Top Cafe again and look like it did during the movie. During the filming of the movie, the place was an empty building and everything had to be brought in to replicate a restaurant. They didn't even have any running water. //// I'll Do Saturday and Sunday's Schedule Tomorrow. --RoadDog

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