Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Very First Dairy Queen in Joliet on Route 66-- Part 2

After the ceremony, the people walked five blocks north on Chicago Street (Route 66). John Gainos, president and CEO of the Minnesota-based DQ International had been in Chicago for the National Restaurant Association convention at McCormick Center. He didn't even know the original building was still standing until Joliet notified him. //// On June 22, 1940, Sherb Noble opened the store and made a whopping $4,000 the first year and on his most profitable day, made $88. All of this, of course, on that road where you can get your kicks and, evidently, soft-serve. //// However, Mr. Noble did not invent soft-serve ice cream. J.F. McCullough thought ice cream served at 0 degrees "froze your taste buds." He found a machine that dispensed the treat at 22 degrees and, soft serve ice cream (not frozen). //// In the 1940s, the area around the original Dairy Queen was mainly Slovenian, but now it is mostly Hispanic. The sign on the building reads, "Jesus Christ is Lord." //// The original DQ closed in the early 1950s and the site has been many businesses since then. //// It sure would be nice if Dairy Queen would turn the original place into a museum. //// Just Saying.... --RoadDog

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