Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hen House Restaurants

Last Tuesday, I ate at the Hen House Restaurant in Mahomet, Illinois.  I knew it was part of a chain, and that there are  four of them in Illinois.  I had never seen one in another state.

Went to Yahoo! Answers, looked up Hen House Restaurants and found that: "The Hen House Restaurant began more than four decades ago in Frostburg, Maryland.  In 1961 the Warn family started the business by building a cement block structure on Bowery Street, which accomodated nine guests.  The restaurant's featured selection, chicken, became the namesake of their business."

Since they feature breakfasts, I had it figured as eggs.  I saw chicken on the menu and was going to order it, but there would be a twenty minute wait, so took a pass on it as I wanted to get through Indianapolis in theearly rush hour (about an hour and a half to the east of Mahomet.

The Hen House east of St. Louis is in either Mitchell or Granite City, Illinois.

Even Wikipedia had nothing about the chain.

Good Food, Though.  --RoadDog

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