Saturday, March 2, 2013

Five Reasons to Explore Pontiac, Il., on Historic Route 66

From the January 9, 2013, Happy Travels by Deb Thompson.

1.  AWESOME MURALS--  In June 2009, the Walldogs organization who specialize in wall paints, made 18 murals over a three-day weekend.  The town has walking tours (most within a several block radius).

2.  BLACK LIGHT WEDDING DRESSES--  In a small room in the Walldog Museum, one can see 4 or 5 plain white wedding dresses.  But shut the door, turn off the regular lights and the black lights on and you're in for a real treat.  (I'll have to check that out next time there.)

3.  ART CARS--They are not out in the winter months, but during the summer, look for 15 different and uniquely painted cars around town.

4.  FOUR WONDERFUL MUSEUMS:  International Walldog Mural and Sign Art Museum, The Livingston County war Museum, The Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum and Resource Center, and, of course, our own really great Route 66 Association of Illinois Hall of Fame and Museum.

5.  HISTORIC DOWNTOWN--  And that wonderful old courthouse and drinks at Bob and Ringo's.

Well, We Knew That.  --RoadDog

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