Friday, March 8, 2013

Tennessee's Clement Railroad Hotel Museum

From their website.  While writing about some people who were children at the Pearl Harbor attack 71 years ago in my World War II blog earlier today, I came across mention of their being at this place and viewing a World War II exhibit.  I'd never heard of it and the term railroad hotel museum made me wonder, so checked it out.

It turns out this building is also the birthplace of Tennessee Governor Frank G. Clement as well as being a railroad hotel and it is located in downtown Dickson, Tennessee, off I-40 west of Nashville.  US-70 also goes through it.

They had their grand opening in 2009.  The old railroad hotel opened in 1913 and is one of the few remaining such hotels in the state.  They also have exhibits and programs on the Civil War, railroads as well as local and regional history.  They have many artifacts and items from the governor as well and you can visit his family's rooms where they lived while managing the hotel.

Railroad hotels were built as close as possible to the stations to make it convenient for passengers to spend the night on layovers or missed connections.

I-40 west of Nashville at Exit 172 North.  615-446-0500 at 100 Frank Clement Place.  Open M-Sat 9 to 5, until 4 on Saturday with $4 adult admission.

A Place to Check Out Next Time.  --RoadDog

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DennyG said...

Also checkout the Broadway of America mural on College St (Old US 70). It's pretty faded and I've heard rumors of people wanting to restore it and also of people wanting to paint over it. It was still there in August. I've been through Dickson a couple of time but not yet when the museum was open. Someday.