Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Bourbon Belt-- Part 5: If You Go

Here is an interesting list of bourbon-related places.

**  MINT JULEP TOURS--  Considering what you're sampling, the best way to do it.  Full day tours $119 a person.

**  LOUISVILLE VISITORS CENTER--  Information of bourbon tours as well as the Urban Bourbon Trail featuring 19 local places featuring 50 or more bourbons.  301 S. Fourth Street

**  OSCAR GETZ MUSEUM OF WHISKEY HISTORY--  Bardstown, considered capital of bourbon country.

**  SILVER DOLLAR--  Funky bar with great chili, fried oysters and aged bourbons.

**  PROOF ON MAIN--  In 21C Museum Hotel at 702 W. Main Street

**  BOURBON BISTRO--  more than 160 bourbons


**  DRIVING--  From Chicago, Louisville is around 5 hours via interstate.

Like I Said, Sipping.  --RoadDog

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