Saturday, March 30, 2013

NC Bound Spring 2013-- Part 8: The Mad River and a New Road

Also forgot to mention passing a river between the Ohio line and Columbus going east called the Mad River.  Bet there is a story there.  Wonder if there is a Laid-Back or Calm River nearby?


The next day I found that the motel I had stayed at was just five or six miles away from US Highway 33, the one I wanted to drive as a change of pace from the usual I-70 to Cambridge then I-77 south through West Virginia.

Way back in the 1970s, we had driven it as a shortcut from Columbus to West Virginia on a trip to North Carolina and had not liked it.  It was all two-lane twisting high hills driving and through every imaginable town with plenty of stoplights.  We were not amused.  Of course, now, this sort of a drive would be right on my favorites list.  But definitely not back then.

It was so bad, I have never driven it again.

Now, however, it is mostly four lane and a lot of it limited access.  Almost like driving an interstate.  As a matter of fact, I imagine you could still drive a lot of Old 33 and I might do just that next time.  Hopefully they will mark it Old 33.

One nice thing on today's drive, I started seeing green grass. 

Can Spring Be Far Away?  --RoadDog

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