Friday, March 1, 2013

State Tidbits: Illinois-- Kansas-- Michigan-- Missouri

From the American Profile Magazine.

ILLINOIS--    Comedian and actor ROBIN WILLIAMS was born in 1951 in Chicago.  That is ONE FUNNY MAN.

KANSAS--   Deep-sea archaeologist and oceanographer ROBERT BALLARD was born in 1942 in Wichita and discovered the wrecks of the Bismarck and Titanic.  I sure would have liked to have been with him when he did.

MICHIGAN--  Automobiles have been banned on MACKINAC ISLAND (pop 492) since the 1890s to protect horses and carriages.  Gas prices mean nothing there, but that "don't" mean hay.

MISSOURI--  CARL FISHER  had driven a school bus for 66 years in PLEASANT HOPE (pop 614) until he retired last year.  he started at age 16 and holds the Guinness World Record for longest career as a bus driver.  And I bet I got behind him in my car at least once.

He Who Hates Getting Behind a School Bus (Especially With Younger Kids).  --RoadDog

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