Monday, March 18, 2013

Chicken in the Rough

From a discussion in Roadside Fans Yahoo e-mail group.

This was an early fried chicken franchise like Kentucky Fried Chicken.  There are still three restaurants with licenses to sell it.  The chicken originated at Beverly's Pancake Corner in Oklahoma City at 2115 NW Expressway Street.

The three locations still selling it:

CANADA:  McCarthy's Grill, 680 Cathcart Blvd., Sarnia, Ontario.


Palm's Krystal Bar and Restaurant, 1535 Pine Grove Avenue, Port Huron, Michigan

Cheer's Bar and Grill, 6211 Port tremble Road, Algonac, Michigan

Logo:  a little chick caddy saying, "I'll gladly be fried for Chicken in the Rough."

Sure Like to Try Some of That.  --RoadDog

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