Friday, March 29, 2013

NC Bound Spring 2013-- Part 7: Not So Finished With First Day


Well, I thought I was finished with the first day's drive, but not so.

My brother called right before I got to the Hen House to say he was at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.  They had missed their flight from RDU to Houston and had had to get another flight.  I had just left the Chicago area. Guess we "just" missed each other.

Once on I-74, I saw a pickup truck coming by with the words "Wide Load: on it.  I've seen this quite often, but this one also had a tall, flexible pole on the front.  I was wondering about this when it struck me it was being used to double check the height of overpasses for those tall, wide-loads.

I saw several more of these trucks during the two-day drive.

Like I said, I was disappointed with the $3.80 in Crawfordsville, Indiana (it had been $2.99.9, $3, in mid January).  As bad as that was, I was even more glad I had spent the $3.80 as it was $3.96 at the next Pilot station in Pittsboro.

Passed I-74 Exit 66 (as a Route 66 fan, I like that number) in Brownsburg, Ind, shortly before the Indy bypass.  We spent an unexpected night there back during the Orange Bowl trip during a surprise snowstorm.

OK, Think I'm Finished Now.  --RoadDog

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