Friday, March 1, 2013

State Tidbits: Nebraska-- Ohio-- Wisconsin

From American Profile Magazine.

NEBRASKA--  A state historical marker in LINCOLN  commemorates the formation of the Pershing Rifles, an elite ROTC drill team at the University of Nebraska.  The founding group disbanded in 1917, but it came back and today is at more than 100 American universities.

It was founded by 2nd Lt. John J. Pershing, later commander of American forces in World War I, who was a professor at the school in 1894.

I wonder if the group the Deltas bothered in "Animal House" were Pershing Rifles.

OHIO--  ALLIANCE (pop 22,322) was recognized in 1959 as Carnation City by the state legislature for its connection to the state flower.  Alliance horticulturalist Levi Lamborn grew the flower from French seedlings and gave a scarlet boutonniere to future president William McKinley before each of his debates.

WISCONSIN--  Folks in Stevens Point (pop 26,717) camp out in anticipation for the opening of Belts', a seasonal soft-serve ice cream stand.  In 2010, grandmother Michelle Cuestas of Green bay waited at the stand for 43 hours to ensure her grandson, Brayden Banks, was the first customer.

I Hate Lines, But Love Soft-Serve.  I'm Conflicted.  --RoadDog

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