Friday, March 1, 2013

Grand Opening Today of Belt's Soft Serve Ice Cream

After posting about people waiting in line for ice cream at the seasonal grand opening of the Belts' Soft Service place in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, in the previous entry, I had to dig a little deeper as the Oaks would say.  I wish they had a website, but did get some information off their Facebook page.

Today, March 1st is their grand opening for the season at 11 AM and there were people in line, probably hoping to get one of the 40 free tee shirts, tie-dyed I believe.  The business closed for winter back in mid-October.

There was mention of it in the American Profile Magazine, the first I'd ever heard of the place. 

They opened for business in 1981 and they are noted for their huge portions and variety of flavors, especially their FOD, Flavor of the Day.  The first FOD is tomorrow and will be chocolate mint.

The Wassau, Wi., Fox 55 News reported that people were lines\d up outside already yesterday.

Some past FODs from last season:  blueberry cheesecake, pistachio, blue moon, butter pecan and Dreamsicle.

I guess no tee shirt for me!!!

Next Time in Stevens Point.  --RoadDog

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