Friday, March 15, 2013

So You Want to Take a Trip On Route 66?

I came across this exchange of posts in the February 1, 2013, Trip Advisor.

A person from England wrote in saying their family was planning a Route 66 trip next year and did they have any advise?

ADVISOR ONE--  It doesn't exist anymore.

ADVISOR TWO--  Why are Brits so obsessed with 66?  I don't know a single American who has driven it or even one who wants to.

ADVISOR THREE--  There is no Route 66.

ADVISOR FOUR--  There is more to America than downtown Chicago and it seems the Brits are aware of that.

ADVISOR FIVE--  Pontiac, Illinois, is a definite stop with its murals and museums.

I guess some of us Route 66 folk should monitor this site as obviously they have some clueless advisers.

If You Don't Know, Don't Talk.  --RoadDog

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