Saturday, March 9, 2013

Music for the Road: Toby Keith's American Ride

I'm a big Toby Keith fan and have been for quite some time.  All but one song was written or co-written by him, something I always like to see. 

This wasn't one of his bigger albums, but did have the one big hit with the title track.  I also liked "If I Had One and the tongue in cheek "You Can't Read My Mind" and "If You're Trying, You Ain't."

The big reason I took this album along was that I had come across the song "Every Dog Has His Day" which was very pertaining to my NIU playing FSU in the Orange Bowl.  So we listened to that song more than a few times on the way to Miami.

The last song was the great "Ballad of Baled" with such lines as "You never mentioned I'd get my ass shot at" about serving in the Army.

Not His Best, But Better Than Most.  --RoadDog

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