Thursday, March 14, 2013

Milwaukee's Holler House-- Part 2

The Pints and Pins website has a lot of pictures of the place. Looking at the building, this is a place I could surely be comfortable in and imbibe two, three.  A real old place, same family-operated, regular folks, my kind of place.

Tradition has it that Marcy and her friends started a continuing tradition to this day back in the 1950s when they were drinking and started taking their clothes off.  To this day, first-time female visitors are invited to autograph their bras and put them up in the bar.

They probably have a thousand hanging these days.  After a while, Marcy takes older ones down and puts them in boxes.

Word has it that the place looks pretty much now as it did back in 1908.  The bowling alleys are made of real wood and there is memorabilia dating back to 1912.  One price list has it costing a quarter for a hot beef sandwich and a half-gallon of beer for a quarter and deposit.

The place unfortunately serves nothing on tap, just bottles, or you can get a can of Schlitz.

Next Time we're in Milwaukee, I Know Where I'm Going.  --RoadDog

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