Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NC Bound Spring 2013-- Part 6: Indy and Chili

March 19th.

Ate lunch at the Mahomet Hen House.  As I already said, I was thinking of ordering a half a chicken, but decided not to when I was told there would be a twenty minute wait.  Instead, I had a ham steak with three sides for $7.95.  Some of the best ham I've ever eaten.  But, next time, maybe in Springfield, I will try some of that chicken they're noted for.

Listened to Bob Seger's "Beautiful Loser" and the Tribute to Jimi Hendrix on the way to Champaign, until Forrest, Illinois, when I started listening to the Whip, WWHP.  Listened to that station until I lost reception by Danville on I-74.

Gas was $3.80 at Crawfordsville, Indiana.  I should have gotten gas at Mahomet where it was $3.60.  Usually, the Pilot station near Crawfordsville is one of the cheapest prices on nthe way.

On I-74 through to the bypass around Indianapolis, arriving in time for rush hour.  Decided to go right through town on I-70 and am happy to say that traffic was heavy, but there were no slowdowns.

I-70 into Ohio and had dinner at Skyline Chili north of Dayton.  This is getting to be a regular stop for me.  Got a room at the Knight's Inn east of Columbus.

Finally Made It Through the First Day.  --RoadDog

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