Saturday, March 9, 2013

Music for the Road: Rascal Flatts Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Now that, I am getting ready to pick a new group of songs to cruise by as I am heading back to North Carolina, I guess it's high time I finished up the last group of CD write-ups from the Orange Bowl trip back in January.

Hard to go wrong with a Greatest Hits package and this one even includes an extra 3-song Christmas CD.  This band had racked up lots of big hits since their debut album in 2000.  Whether you consider them country or pop, they're good.

Some of my favorites: Praying for Daylight, These Days, Fast Cars and Freedom (probably my favorite)

Of course "Mayberry" is great.  Where's Barney and Goober?  Drinking what?

Then there is the one called "Skin (Sarabeth)" that sent shivers up my spine about a high school girl losing her hair to chemotherapy.

Of course "Life Is a Highway" from the movie "Cars."  Where's Mater?

Liked It a Lot.  --RoadDog

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