Friday, March 22, 2013

NC Bound Spring 2013: March 19th-- Part 3: Whip Radio

Once past Morris, you start to make good time going south on Illinois Highway 47 (Il-47).  Of course, these are the open fields of Illinois and the wind was howling hard.  The huge wind farm around Odell really had the old blades to spinning.  Making lots and lots of electricity today.

One bird was trying to fly to the west and making a mighty effort.  He finally gave up, landed and proceeded to walk.

When I reached Forrest, I could pick up one of my favorite traveling radio stations, 98.3 FM, the Whip, WWHP out of Farmer City between Decatur and Danville.  Reception stays good until you get to Danville on I-74.  They play a great variety of Americana music and I am becoming a big fan of the genre (actually already was, just didn't know the name of it yet.)

Unfortunately. most of the time it is automated so no real deejay.  They also don't give the name or artist, something very important in Americana music.  A lot of the performers are little known.

Two good songs they played, I take to be "Border Radio" and "Hell On Wheels."  I'll have to find out who does these.

Gibson City Next.  --RoadDog

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