Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Bourbon Belt-- Part 4

Water is also a key to good bourbon.  Steve Dolinsky drove to Kentucky state capital Frankfort, about an hour east from Louisville.  He says the last few miles you go through a curving highway surrounded by towering limestone walls, nature's best water filter.

I have driven to Frankfort and agree about the scenery around the city and views, especially from Daniel Boone's grave.  If  you drive US-421 from Madison, Indiana, to Richmond, Kentucky, this is one of the best drives you'll find anywhere.

He was going there to visit Buffalo Trace distillery where he found a six-story rick house (where bourbon is stored to age)  which holds 24,000 barrels of the stuff.  Kentucky's cold winters and hot summers expands and contracts the barrels, enabling the bourbon to penetrate and absorb the tannins while also evaporating and concentrating itself.  Evaporation is called "Angel's share" and after a few years, some of the bourbon is gone.

Sipping, Friend, Sipping.  --RoadDog

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