Thursday, March 14, 2013

Milwaukee's Holler House-- Part 1

From Wikipedia.

I was writing about the history of bowling recently in my Cooter's History Thing Blog and came across the name of this place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I'd never heard of it, so had to do some more research.

The connection to the history blog was that this bar houses the oldest certified bowling alley in the United States.  And, it's two lanes are still tended to by pinsetters.

The bar opened in Milwaukee's Lincoln Village neighborhood, the city's Southside Polish enclave in 1908 and has been rated as one of the best bars in the country by Esquire.  They celebrated their 100th anniversary September 14, 2008.

Grand opening for its first owner, "Iron Mike" Skowronski, was September 13, 1908, when it was known as Skowronski's.  In 1952, his son Gene married Marcy and took over, changing the name to Gene and Marcy's.  .  Gene has since died, but Marcy still runs it.

In 1975, it got its present name, Holler House, from a neighborhood German lady who amazed at how much noise came from the place.

Sounds Like I Place I Need to Visit.  --RoadDog

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