Monday, March 25, 2013

NC Bound Spring 2013-- Part 5: Hen House, the First Cracker Barrel

It is not too far from Gibson City to Mahomet.  I had seen the sign for a Hen House before and wanted to stop at it at some point, and this was the time to do just that.  It is located just south of I-77 on Il-47 (which continues another couple miles before its southern terminus).

At one time there were more Hen Houses in Illinois, but now just four remain: Springfield, one east of St. Louis, Arcola and here at Mahomet.  There is an old store at Chenoa, Illinois, which is now the Chenoa Family Restaurant.  It is on Route 66 as are the ones in Springfield and east of St. Louis.  I'll have to eventually get to the Arcola one, as that is the only one I haven't been to.

The best way to describe a Hen House is as a small Cracker Barrel.  They even have the little games to play at your table and a small gift shop, but no rocking chairs outside.  I'd have to say Cracker Barrels are based on Hen Houses.  Hen Houses have a definite architectural style and sign.

I'll have to do some research on Hen House and Cracker Barrel.

Eating in the Midwest.  --RoadDog

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