Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Life for Louisville's Whiskey Row-- Part 1

From the May 9, 2011, Louisville

This is a follow up to the blog entries of March 11-13.  The Chicago Tribune article mentioned that the Whiskey Row had fallen into disrepair but was about to get a new life.

I was completely unfamiliar with Whiskey Row, so had to do some more research on it.

This article from last year mentioned that a deal had been reached between the city and the Downtown Development Corporation to preserve the facades of all seven buildings on the row, located on Main Street.

Earlier, in 2007, the buildings had been bought and the new owner had plans to tear all of them down and put in a development of his own.  Of course, then came the GRB economic collapse in 2008 and the new owner was only to happy to get rid of the land.

An estimated $4.8 million was needed to stabilize the buildings, but once work began, it soon more than multiplied.

Saving Those Old Buildings, Especially With Such a History.  --RoadDog

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