Thursday, March 28, 2013

Iconic Route 66: An Adventure and a Gas Station

From the March 21, 2013, National Geographic Geography in the News.  First written in 2011.

People used this road during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression to seek a better life in the 1930s.  During World War II, it carried much military traffic and after the war, thousands of GIs moving west for a better life.  Then, vacationing people, many to Disneyland; Mickey would be so proud. 

It was killed off by the interstates.

Nothing new in this article for Route 66 enthusiasts, but always good to get the old road in the news.

From the March 20, 2013, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin "Group kicks off restoration of Route 66 Rancho Cucamonga gas station" by Neil Nisperos.

There was a ceremony March 20th, Rt. 66 Inland Empire California is a non-profit formed to save the old station.  The group hopes to renovate it to look as it did during its 66 heyday.

It is an old Richfield service stastion that opened in the 1910s and provided services into the 1970s.

On the Old 66.  --RoadDog

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