Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Waldmire Meets Filmore

The other Bob Waldmire print that must find a spot on my crowded walls is the one dated 2006 showing the meeting of two noted Route 66 VW vans. It reads "Wish I was there...a Chance Meeting, Somewhere On 66..." You see Filmore with his grass-infused eyes and all the hippie peace stuff on the sides off the road and saying "Far out, man, it's Waldmire!" //// Then we see Bob at the wheel of his heavily Route 55 decorated van (which you can see yourself at the Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum in Pontiac, Illinois) and saying "What the f___! Wow, it's Filmore." You see a sign for Radiator Spgs with a puzzled bird sitting on it. Off in the distance is the town of Radiator Springs, made famous in the movie "Cars" which was so based on Route 66. //// This movie was the one that got me to liking animated films. Of course, the character of Filmore was based on our own Route 66 resident hippie and artist, Bob Waldmire. //// But now I have to find a place to hang it. /// Thinking about close to the computer right now. //// Good Old Bob. I Sure Do Miss Him. --RoadDog

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