Friday, April 4, 2014

How Many Roads Must a Man Go Down...

On my way home from North Carolina a couple days ago, I stopped at a well-known roadside emporium called J-R's off I-40 in that state. I bought a $5 sign that caught my eye. //// It had a bunch of road signs on it, including one from Route 66 and the words "How Many Roads Must a Man Go Down...Before He Admits He's Lost?" //// This is a very typical spoof on male drivers who have a serious aversion to asking for directions. //// But not me. If I think I'm lost, I'll pull over as soon as I can to find those needed directions. However, I have another problem and that is remembering those directions if I don't write them down. Anything more than one direction and there is no way I'll remember them. //// As a result, even though it is my idea to pull over for directions, poor Liz ends up going in and asking for the directions. //// C.R.S.: Can't Remember Stuff. --RoadDog

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