Monday, April 7, 2014

Eagle Update

Liz follows the bald head eaglets fairly closely, now on three sites. //// Glad to report that E-4, the chick in Fort Myers, Florida, has finally fledged and took his first flight Friday. But things weren't easy for the big galoot as his first attempt to land ended with him on the ground. A second flight, and much better landing, ended with him in a nearby tree which unfortunately had a very protective smaller bird who kept buzzing the poor guy. Poor E-4 was very confused by that, but sadly, will be leaving the nest soon. //// However, we have the eaglet at Berry College in Georgia who is growing rapidly. //// Then, we were very happy to have two of the three eggs hatch at Decorah, Iowa, and two chicks actively in the "bonking" stage right now as they vie for nest supremacy, They are hilarious as both have a hard time keeping their heads up and a bonk often leads to a fall. //// Enjoying Those Eagles. --RoadDog

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