Saturday, April 19, 2014

Record Store Day Today

Go to the site, find the nearest location and relocate yourself to one of those grand old mom and pop record stores. //// Also, if you have one of those great Half-Price Book Stores, that is another great place to stop. Not only do they have a great and ever-changing selection of used and new books, but also the same can be said for their vinyl albums and CDs. It usually costs me at least $30 to go into one, particularly the place at Dundee and US-12 in Palatine, Illinois. I call them the national chain mom and pop record/book store. //// I see that there are also two mom and pop record stores near me, both about 15-20 miles away. One is in Antioch, Illinois, and the other is in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. //// Listening to WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback to 1973 and they are saying a lot about Record Store Day. Give it a listen as it goes on until noon. //// Anyway, Support Those Record Stores. --RoadDog

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